"I heartily endorse OneU's vision of starting a movement of campus-focused churches encouraging and launching other campus-focused churches."

-Dr. Peter A. Lillback, President, Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia


Impact the campus
multiply gospel-driven, disciple-making discipleS

strengtheN the local church
plant campus ministries through local churches


engagE the world
Join God in gathering people from every nation for His fame


We are the college ministry of Redeemer Church of Arlington on a mission to bring the gospel to five campuses in the DC Metro Area by 2030. With the support of people like you, we have seen God impact hundreds of lives so far since we began in 2010.


OneU is a local church-based college ministry that plants other local church-based college ministries. 

We believe that the local church is God's plan A for finishing the mission that He gave us. We also believe that the college campus is one of, if not the, most strategic place for the gospel to advance locally and globally. At OneU our aim is connect these two vital realities so that the campus is impacted, the local church strengthened, and the nations engaged. 

Investors in OneU's mission will:
1. Directly impact and strengthen the local Church's mission in a particular place. In our case that local church is Redeemer Church of Arlington.
2. Enable the gospel to be preached to nations that we otherwise couldn't get into, or would likely take years to get access to.
3. Impact our future leaders' lives for eternity. 


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