Campus Missionary, OneU DC

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I was raised in Columbia, MD, a small suburb of Baltimore. My Catholic mother and Baptist stepfather always took us to church growing up. We went not out of a particular passion for Jesus but because it was something you just did. No one ever told me the importance of Jesus or the Gospel message. We attended a non-denominational church born out of the "Seeker Sensitive" Movement. This was great for me because the short service and the skits kept me engaged enough to listen to the pastor. One Sunday, when I was in middle school, the pastor preached the good news that Jesus Christ came to save sinners. It was at that moment that God revealed Himself (and myself) to me. He showed me my sin and I responded in repentance and I dedicated my life to Him. I wish I could say there was drastic life change for me but there wasn't. From that point on, most of my Christian life looked like one step forward and two steps back. However, by His grace, God began to draw me closer when I was twenty-years-old. Determined to find out if this experience from years ago was real, I began a search for truth that took me through a lot of different worldviews but ultimately landed me back on Christ. 

Having a deeper understanding of who He was and the power of His Gospel, I started to turn this inward ministry of grace outward. Over the past eleven years, I've been a part of various ministries both outside and inside the local church. I've worked on the streets of D.C. to feed the homeless, preached the gospel to rooms of unbelievers at evangelism events, built relationships through basketball ministries and the list goes on. The goal has always stayed the same. Jesus says that the kingdom of God is a treasure and my goal has been to share that treasure with everyone that I possibly can.

In 2011, my ministry work culminated with the marriage to my wife and son. I've had the privilege of loving and leading them over the last five years. It has been the most challenging yet fruitful work I've been a part of. It's with them that we set our sights and hearts to the college campuses of DC.


My hope for OneU is that we become a ministry always led by His Spirit, producing real fruit through genuine conversions and disciple-making disciples.